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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Profound posts or more the lack of.

It feels like that I should have posted more profound by now.
I do have a write up/reworking/expanding on earlier "Suspending reality within RPGs & MMORPGs" in mind. But at the same time I don’t want to just rehash what we already know. Frankly I don’t know if I can write something that hasn’t already been worked on by multiple people, some of who have much more experience on the subject than I do.

Some history about me (at least in gaming terms):
  • Still have it installed and even had started playing it off and on again, now stopped.

Warcraft BNE:
  • Played it while waiting for Diablo II, I have played off and on since.

Ultima Online:
  • After giving up on waiting for D2 and permanently Blizzard, I played religiously everyday for about 4yrs. I still log in most every morning to get the broken chair daily rare on Baja and replace it with the much less rare daily tall candle *Yes I’m the sob that does that ;)*, but don’t play beyond that.

  • I was there from the launch, but after the first year or so my interest began to drop off and with friends playing Guild Wars I found very little interest in logging in. My account still active, but that could change in the near future.

Empire Earth II (demo):
  • Fun for kicks. I’ve never felt the need to buy the full version, other than having a wider assortment of units and much better graphics it might as well be Warcraft BNE or Starcraft.

Guild Wars:
  • I have been playing for the past few months. My opinion on it is are still mixed and I will leave it at that.


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