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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


In my previous post, I had suggested that my "major" post was beginning to sound like a breakup/Dear John letter. With that thought floating around in the back of my head, I came on the idea of taking a tongue in cheek posting in keeping with Ernest Adams' Letter from A Dungeon and A Letter from the Cockpit. Drawing on my own experiences and from The Daedalus Project's interviews in Why We Quit and some Googled "Dear John" letter for templates/ideas.I give you: Dear MMORPG.


In the beginning, everything was fresh and new to me, you showed my things that I could only imagine. I can not even begin to count the hours or late nights that we spent together. Some of my family and friends didn't understand what I saw in you, but I always defended you no matter what.

Which is what makes it so hard for me to tell you this, but in the past few months, I have been seriously thinking about canceling my subscription. I don’t know when it happened, if it was you that changed or my view of you that changed. But I found that I had to force myself to login, the spark that had been there at the beginning was gone. Sure we tried new skills, trades, and even change of scenery to keep our relationship alive. But I finally realized how silly I was being, I can not force that spark to be rekindled.

I do not see this as losing something, but rather as having gained knowledge and wisdom. Out there is the perfect player for you that will love you and not find a single thing to criticize about you. And I hope that the perfect game is out there for me. Hopefully with the knowledge and wisdom that we gained in our time will help us both in that goal.

I think we both need to let go of the past, and be grateful for what we had for a time and move on from there. It is a little sad for me knowing that I won't be able to visit your world anymore, but I think I will be a better person in the end.


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