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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lack of something to say.

I haven’t had much to say as of late, not due lack of sources of things to comment on, between announcements, E3, and who can forget some of the stupid comments made. (*cough* $600 is to cheap or NCSoft questioning returning to next year E3 *cough*) But Woody at GUComics does such a good job it’s hard to add much other than have a good laugh.

I did notice something when I was making my first post on GUComic’s forums, I was going to joke about how long it would take before Dark World Online (Tulga’s newest announced game) had it’s own fly and was going to join the Horizons fly when I noticed that it may have already zapped (the comment of this fact disappeared from the thread *sigh*). The web site along with the press release are gone, also gone is any mention of it from Istaria.com.(edited in: The site is there now and I can only guess it was an issue with changing servers and it hadn't updated completely when I checked. But I do believe that they removed the release from Istaria.com and there is nothing about it on Tulga's site)

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed in Horizons given the high expectations they set,also the fact that so many people cite it as this ground breaking game (which it isn’t, I played it from the release and can’t say that I ever saw it). Needless to say I have become much more cynical about the claims that are made in the PR drives and I believe that most companies have their own version of the Tulumellonator sitting in the office. But I have to think that Tulga is most likely past over stating and now they are quickly coming up on bold face lying.

Which this might be the real reason why I haven’t had much to say about "industry" news, because I don’t buy into all the hype. While I understand that companies need to create interest for their respective games, so much of it boarders on hmm.. well... see the Tulumellonator.


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