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Monday, July 24, 2006

Horizons sold! (again)

Sherman: "Gee, Mr. Peabody did we travel back to October 2005? I just heard someone say that Horizons was sold."
Mr. Peabody: "No Sherman. We never stepped into the WABAC machine, Horizons has been sold again."
Sherman: "Oh..."

I'm not that old, but I'm sure many of us have seen the cartoon at some point and this popped into my head.

Also the image three guys standing around with t-shirts Artifact Entertainment, Tulga Games, and EI Interactive. The first two have red/burnt hands and are trying to cool them while a hot potato stamped Horizons flies to open hands the EI.

I guess that I'm glad that my credit card expires this Sept, saving me the hassle of closing the account.


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