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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mixed reactions.

Ultima Online will soon begin testing PunkBuster in order to head off cheating.

Needless to say reactions have been mixed. While most want to see hacks and cheats out, there has been enough of a reaction that UO quickly posted this.

This is my gut reaction:

What I don't understand is the whole idea that EA can't manage what is going on in the game themselvies (sorry if I expect to much from the people that created & maintain the client)?

Why isn't EA the ones that "should" be the ones to know what would be an advantage within the game and know where to look? The should have people different teams try and think of ways to "hack/exploit" others ideas/designs. *flash back housing deeds and factions comes screaming to mind*

Or *GASP* some reseach and reviewing logs of current players and logs of thoses that have been banned in the past when caught (if a player is having skill checks for lumberjacking or mining for 18 hrs straight, or having an abnormal amount high deposits of insurance vs insurance withdraws either might be a good place to start).

Short term it might help, but in the long term I don't see it solving the problem. People will find a around it sooner or later and around the patchs that come out for that new one.

IMHO, EA is trying to deflect the hacking and lack of stopping it, problem off onto someone else. It's easier to have GMs and developers say "I can not help you with that, please file a report at (insert url here)". Sound familiar?

Maybe I'm over reacting. As I've said before, I really don't play UO anymore but as a player and armchair designer I can't avoid the thoughts above.


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