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Lost has a lot of potential, but doesn’t apply himself.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quick changes

Well I've already changed the template. The color of the other were easy on the eyes, but the code for editing the template is bit more than I feel like digging in right now just to add a few links.

Terra Nova: A great multi author blog that covers most everything that you can think of that is MMO.

Zen of Design: Pretty good blog, that is mostly MMO. But at time goes off the beaten path. ;)

Nerfbat: A good blog from what I've gotten the chance to read (I still need to read all the older stuff). What had caught my eye was Artificial Restrictions: Classes and Artificial Restrictions: Equipment which are both much more detailed than my GameDev.net post Suspending reality within RPGs & MMORPGs: (But I posted mine first. hehe)

First Post

Having already started a journal (of sorts) on my desktop in a WordPerfect, it seems that I might as well post them in a blog as well (who knows, I might win a blog award).