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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Has it been that long?

I always seem surprised at the amount of time that passes between posts (could be in part due to more poor sense of time passage).

To a certain degree I have been trying to find my inspiration/motivation again and dealing with work.

I will end this post with pointing out this post by Scott Jennings: “I Paid For This Chat Channel!” Which closes with this which blunt, but so true.
Because I’ll just come out and say it - over-regulation can very easily choke the MMO industry in its crib. No company is going to operate an entertainment business with anything close to the liabilities being bandied around. It simply will cost too much. No sane MMO publisher will fund a project that requires more lawyers than world builders. Thus, no MMOs, as we currently know them, will be published.

And that will definitely settle the argument.


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