Lost Rambling

Lost has a lot of potential, but doesn’t apply himself.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Add another growth ring.

So today/tonight has been guilty pleasures.

After monday’s misery of heat and humidity, also the that I had the day off and didn’t want to melt into a puddle of sweat in my apartment, I turned on the air conditioner. 8) Another one of those guilty pleasures, tv and watching Rock star: Supernova.

If you are wondering why I have a tuesday off (even if you weren’t), well I’m another year older. Nothing like a birthday to cause you to reflex on what you have(n’t) done. So I’m committing myself (no, not that type of commit, albeit there might be some that suggest that would be a good idea) to getting more done, programming wise. I’m not suggesting a complete finished/polished game, just that I need to do more to work towards that goal. Along those lines, I have also been reading about writing novels and also about myths (Joseph Campbell’s - The hero with a thousand faces. Inspired by Richard Bartle’s view/writings about it in his book), to help build a better fiction for a game (and if do fail in my own attempts in to program it, there is always the chance of writing my vision into a novel and trying to work from that direction).

So I might not be posting as much here, so that I can focus on programming more (some of my posts take me a very long time in fine tuning my thoughts). Hopefully over the next year I might even post some pics. 8)